Underwater ROV

I am currently working on building an ROV as a part of an Independent Study at my high school. I use this website to post any updates on the project!

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday!

Resources: Learning JavaScript Robotics by Kassandra PerchOverview: For this project, I followed along with the second half of Chapter 3 of Learning JavaScript Robotics by Kassandra Perch. In honor of my brothers birthday yesterday, and my birthday tomorrow, I decided...

Basic Structure of Johnny-Five

I followed along the first half of Chapter 2 of Kassandra Perchs’ book,┬áLearning JavaScript Robotics,┬áto learn more about the basic outline of a Johnny-Five program. The three basic concepts I focused on were objects, functions, and events.

September Reflection

My goals for the previous month were to complete the website so I could begin posting updates. I also wanted to start researching using blogs, articles, and videos of others who have done similar projects. I finished the setting up the blog, but it took longer than...